Friday, December 11, 2009

Can I Live?

What do I do as
I sit there shielding my
Being from this beauty that is blinding me?
This shit is just not fair and fuck
A next lifetime cause memories and daydreams
Don’t live and breathe like people do and they
Don’t make me glisten like you.
And I sit here, taking you in
In doses because you
Undiluted is just way too much you
To swallow at one time and I am afraid that I
Might drown – arms so tired – legs
So heavy using them both to wrangle my heartstrings
Back to their rightful home in my chest. But you keep
Talking and smiling and talking
And smiling…….and my strings are
Unraveling like the bottom of a farmhand’s
Jeans and this shit is so
Not fair……because I don’t have to
Drown. I can float on the raft of this beauty
But what of my heart?

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