Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Red Line Train to Glenmont - Monday, June 22nd


How many of us have been faced with it? In the midst of a frightening situation. We go left when we mean to go right; walk in through the out door.


How many of us have had an opportunity to return from the place where life flashes before one’s eyes? That unlit abyss where there seem to be no options – inside or outside of the box? The moment that feels like “the moment”, “your time”, “the end of the line”.

I was reading the paper this morning about the operator on DC’s ill-fated Red Line train. It is speculated that she did not hit the brakes before the train she was manning crashed full-on into the rear of another train, catapulting the first car of her train into the air and on top of the other train. It is speculated that she did not stop. Nine people, including the operator, lost their lives. Many others sustained serious injuries.


As I read the words in the article, I was seized immediately with a feeling of understanding. For in the midst of an untenable situation, I too have frozen. Deer in the headlights. Stuck between fight or flight and unable to move or speak.


So now imagine. Fifty miles per hour, the metal wall of an unmoving train appears in the window before you in what seems like an instant. Every light on the control panel under your hands is lit. Indicator buzzers sound. The realization that this is the end of the line, not just for you, but for countless others seizes your ability to move. Life flashes before you and you cannot avert your eyes in time enough to find the brake.


My prayers go out to those who lost family members and loved ones on yesterday’s train. I send healing energy to those who were hurt in yesterday’s accident.

The opportunity to live our lives for another day is a privilege. It is not to be taken for granted.

Be blessed all.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear America

Barack Obama is NOT a magical Negro. He is not the keeper of the holy grail. You will not find a cure for cancer in his saliva. He does not miraculously levitate nor does he have water-walking skills. He’s not the return of Christ, the Jedi, the Living Dead, the Dragon, or the Pink Panther.

He’s a cool dude, and has probably done more in his first six months as POTUS to raise the diplomatic profile of our nation than many have done in two terms.

HOWEVER – just because he goes to parent-teacher conferences, takes his wife on dates, and kills a pesky fly on national television, people are treating him like he’s the next best thing….well…since the next best thing (because surely, he’s BETTER than sliced bread!!).

I beseech you media to CEASE and DESIST with this ridiculous coverage of President Obama!

It’s the equivalent of, “He speaks so well!! He’s SO WELL SPOKEN!!” And it makes me fear even more what the mainstream media REALLY thinks about Black men.

Rant over.