Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here I am - back from an amazing set of trips - one down memory lane and the other - a chance to see possibilities of the future.

I attended my 20th class reunion and it was a nice chance to see and feel folks and things I haven't in many, many years. I also hooked up with some friends from back in the day and chilled, laughed over milk spilled and bridges crossed. It was all good.

Headed out to Vegas for a much needed and appreciated vacation. My girl and I showed the 702 how we do it on the east coast. Gave them a taste of modernist Afrikan flavor that they'd never seen before. Blew all types of fuses with our classy womanly wattage! Sunday brought the love of my life back to me....and well.....we enjoyed the fruits of our 14-plus year union, hand in hand, cheek to cheek, along the Colorado river and back. How I love that man and what he represents.

So I'm back.....and I'm better. Darker, sweeter and energized - stance ready for whatever life has to throw my way!